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1Deep-L & Deepness - Let´s do it (Original mix)
2Deep-L & Deepness - The find way (Original mix)
3Deep-L & Deepness - Till it´s dark (Original mix)
4Deep-L & Deepness - Don´t be afraid (Original mix)
5Deep-L & Deepness - Show it 2u (Original mix)
6Deep-L & Deepness - Living paradise (Original mix)
7Deep-L & Deepness - Mother nature (Original mix)
8Deep-L & Deepness - Black except (Original mix)
9Deep-L & Deepness - Reborn (Original mix)
10Deep-L & Deepness - Great freedom (Original mix)

The power back (DIS030)

Deep-L & Deepness never abandoned the quest for the next level. For this reason ‘The power back’ is born, the fourth album by the Argentine duo.
This nostalgic journey drags us into the golden age of Progressive House. Dark sounds take center stage again, vocals and synthesizers return to make their mark.

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