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1Deep-L & Deepness - Native gods (Original mix)
2Deep-L & Deepness - Visionary (Original mix)
3Deep-L & Deepness - Mm (Original mix)
4Deep-L & Deepness - Space opera (Original mix)
5Deep-L & Deepness - Belona (Original mix)
6Deep-L & Deepness - Vulcano (Original mix)
7Deep-L & Deepness - Buenos Aires awake (Original mix)
8Deep-L & Deepness - Indian paradise (Original mix)
9Deep-L & Deepness - The beginning (Original mix)
10Deep-L & Deepness - Age of darkness (Original mix)

The beginning (Album)(DIS015)

This Album was mixed and compiled by Deep-L & Deepness for the label Distants Records, counting with external mastering by Pangea Mastering. Old school progressive influences, predominate the album ‘The Beginning’.
Since the beginning of the album, penetrant atmospheres guide to cloudy vocals inside of a hypnotic environment of total darkness.
The ethnic instruments take a new level of relevance as the bassline gets involved on the progressive waves who wet tribal sounds, with fresh climax of depression and madness. Everything is developed with a disturbing elegance, like a baby who has trouble to sleep. Undoubtedly, a remarkable work of this Argentine duo.y.

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