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1Deep-L & Deepness - Bloodstream (Original mix)
2Deep-L & Deepness - Heist of the century (Original mix)
3Deep-L & Deepness - Alone with a rhythm (Original mix)
4Deep-L & Deepness - Darkcore (Original mix)
5Deep-L & Deepness - The style you haven´t done (Original mix)
6Deep-L & Deepness - The new from the old (Original mix)
7Deep-L & Deepness - H.a.t.e.r.s (Original mix)
8Deep-L & Deepness - Breaking away (Original mix)
9Deep-L & Deepness - Cocktail revolutionary (Original mix)
10Deep-L & Deepness - Strong roots (Original mix)

Blood, sweat & tears (Album)(DIS028)

Blood, sweat and tears is the third album and the first one in conceptual form, from the argentinian progressive duo: Deep-L and Deepness. released in June 28, 2013, by Distants Records. Mastering in charge of Pangea Mastering.
The album is woven by a series of style hip hop interludes, of the old school style. Another classic in the wheel, as usual, is accompanied by strictly select ambiences. Highlighted by rhythmic changes, abundant percussions and fluid lyricists, who contain lust topics.

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